About Us


Judy writes

I have always enjoyed the outdoors, hiking took me to another level of enjoyment. Photographing the flora and fauna, lots of fresh air and great exercise. While backpacking I realized my back quit hurting, crazy huh? But I truly enjoyed getting into places I normally would have not gone. Now when I read an article in Arizona Highways or Backpackers magazine, I know it’s possible to see it with my own eyes.  Eventually I evolved to the next level where I really enjoyed knowing I could live very happy off my back! Everything I really needed was at my fingertips. I also enjoyed the challenge of being able to go out for several days even weeks at a time. My husband was not as interested in backpacking as I was, so over time I found other ladies, co-workers & friends that were in the same situation as I was, this was the beginning of  Hiken Girls.


Our Mission

Our mission is to advance ourselves and one another to grow physically, emotionally, and socially, through the challenges of the Wilderness. To help in the conservation of our natural resources and the protection of habitats in our back yard.



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