White Tanks Mountain, Arizona

February 8, 2014 Today we blindly were lead on a very strenuous and wonderful hike in the White Tank Park area. west of Phoenix. Normally you would hike the trails but not us. We started at the Waddell TH, N33 35. 550 W112 30. 642 and then up a river bed to the Mesquite Trail, N33 35. 471 W112 31. 400. We went over boulders, in some places were almost impossible for my short legs to stretch. It was only 1.5 miles but took 2.5 hours to do.  Other waypoints along the way: N33 35. 680 W112 30.766,   N33 35.680 W112 31.101,   N33 35.598 W112 31.342,  N33.35.468 W112 31.375

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Looking for more Trailheads



11-16-2013          Today we took Mom Maybelle on a 4 hour tour that lasted 13 hours. We started looking for the Black Canyon Trail TH’s further north of Phoenix and was doing great till we got north of Bumble Bee and thought we could go by dirt road to Bloody Basin.  We did find Cleator but then lost my sense of direction to find the way point on Bloody Basin Rd. Must have been east. We ended up in Crown King thinking about a TH we saw  a few years ago at the lookout, Whoops, not it, Castle Creek Wilderness TH. OK, now that we are here do we want to go back the way we came, go to Wickenburg or Prescott? We chose Prescott down the Senator Hwy.  This proved to be a bad choice. 29 miles of bad, ugly and just ok dirt roads with 96 year old Mom in the back seat. What were we thinking! We should have went back the way we came. Oh well, next time.

We did find the trailhead on Table Mesa Rd. Along with more people totting guns than I ever wanted to be in the vicinity of.  One sign said there was a pumpkin shoot nearby but it could have been an old sign. We started thinking about how Phoenix has grown in the last 25 years so we guessed that this is where people practice handling their guns now.  Scary!

Many years ago we used to go down Table Mesa Rd to get to Lake Pleasant. Not any more unless you want to walk for a quite a distance. It’s gated off and now you have to pay a fee to use the area.  This is messed up!  Maybe when the lake is full the water will come back here.

We had already found the trailhead for Rock Springs several years ago so we drove on to the Bumble Bee exit off I17. It didn’t take long before we found the trailhead of Gloriana Mine TH. Pretty large parking lot.  Then on to find where the trail crosses Bumble Bee Rd. 34.15000N 112.15200W. Wasn’t hard to find as it is just over the bridge but if you pass the town of Bumble Bee you’ve gone too far. As we drove on we encountered some friendly beast who didn’t mind sharing the road with us.


This was the next sign we found on the BCT north of Bumble Bee. Way too funny. Is this for the cows or cyclist cuz I know I don’t hike fast enough to warrant a sign.

Well, the rest of the story rest on the road to Crown King, Senator Hwy., Prescott and home to Phoenix.  What a day.  200 miles long.

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Black Canyon Trail, Emery Henderson TH

October-November 2013 Ronnie & I discovered E. Henderson TH on New River Rd. just west of I17.  The trail that leaves here is the Black Canyon Trail.  With some memory searching we remembered that this was the same name of the trail we had hiked last year in 2012 starting in Black Canyon City area. Only having a couple hours we hiked north and south from Henderson TH. Not much to see from here other than several places people have dumped trash and target practiced leaving all their trash.

We ventured down 42nd Ave. off New River Rd. heading north where we found the road that crosses the BCT and huge electrical system towers. Ran out of time so not sure where we would have ended up. When we got home I did a little research on the trail and found this trail was used to move sheep in Arizona history. The trail itself dates back to the 1600’s! Maybe someday we’ll have to put on a backpack and take a longer hike. Looking for waypoints now.

Superstitions, Boulder Canyon

12-27-2011, Superstitions, Boulder Canyon


    We were out to find the perfect “Backpacker 101” trail to accommodate all the people who had never backpacked and wanted to try.  Setting off down the Dutchman Trail #104 and taking the Boulder Canyon Trail #103 to where the Needles Canyon intersected was perfect!  Just long enough at about 6 miles long, just strenuous enough to make your ankles ache going over boulders and way too beautiful with Weaver’s Needle in the horizon.  The creeks were full of water with minor waterfalls everywhere that tickled the ears and stimulated the curiosity to want to see more.  Our campsite was perfect.  Lots of wood and water and level locations to put up several tents.  Not much wildlife but found several species of footprints while hiking down Needles Canyon.  The hike down Needles Canyon to Bull Pen Trail was only about 3 miles but took several hours as there was no trail and cris-crossing the creek took up time.  At waypoint 33.27. 59.1, we found a small campfire ring that someone had left a beautiful “Fire King” milky green glass coffee cup.  Hadn’t seen one of those in years!  Perfect condition.  Why someone would bring a glass coffee cup back here is beyond me.  Total hike was 4.4 miles back to camp and took us 5 hours.  There were several places to watch where the canyon split.  I think all went to the right. 


    Judy only took her homemade backpacking quilt and put on most of her clothes but with the temp. at night hovering the low 30’s it became necessary to put on an emergency blanket and silk liner.  Second night was better with a tent.


12-29-2011, played around all morning practicing knots and using bird tweeter to bring in the almost non-existent birds.  Only one came close.

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