Black Canyon Trail, Emery Henderson TH

October-November 2013 Ronnie & I discovered E. Henderson TH on New River Rd. just west of I17.  The trail that leaves here is the Black Canyon Trail.  With some memory searching we remembered that this was the same name of the trail we had hiked last year in 2012 starting in Black Canyon City area. Only having a couple hours we hiked north and south from Henderson TH. Not much to see from here other than several places people have dumped trash and target practiced leaving all their trash.

We ventured down 42nd Ave. off New River Rd. heading north where we found the road that crosses the BCT and huge electrical system towers. Ran out of time so not sure where we would have ended up. When we got home I did a little research on the trail and found this trail was used to move sheep in Arizona history. The trail itself dates back to the 1600’s! Maybe someday we’ll have to put on a backpack and take a longer hike. Looking for waypoints now.

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