Coronado National Memorial to Miller Peak

10.6 miles round trip


It was unseasonably warm for this time of the year. We didn’t get started till 10am, & of course all up hill with lots of garbage on the way. Every time I go up these Mts I wish I would bring a huge garbage bag to fill up. We saw no one as we climbed up, but we did talk a lot just in case some one wanted to hide before we got to them. The trail I figured would be better in parts, but was still quite rocky. We made it to the top of Miller Peak had lunch & started our beautiful hike down. The sun was just perfect to hit the Mts, bushes etc to make beautiful pictures. We heard voices so started to talk louder, but here it was runners, making us feel pretty wimpy as they ran up hill. We reached the bottom right about sunset 5:30p & headed off to meet Colleen Hunt & Barb Bayless for a great meal at her place. Great pic’s don’t forget to check them out.

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