Cuff Button, Eastern Superstition Mts

Cuff Button, Eastern Superstition Mts, after this backpack 2 left to do in the Superstitions

3-16, 17, 18 2011 temps 40’s to 80’s

Colleen Hunt & Judy Eidson

Colleen drove her jeep less than 100 miles from her house. Pin stripping to get to the trailhead, a bit nerve racking for Colleen, needed 4 wheel in spots, much of the road is in the creek bed, overgrown cat claw & thick sand.  We drove about 1/4 mile past the Cuff Button sign before the road just gave way & we parked it by a nice running creek. Put refreshments in creek to stay cold till we came back 2 1/2 days later, worked well.

The 1st part of the hike is the old road 305, that leads into the trail. Past the Wildcat Canyon that we hiked a portion of it from Miles Ranch 2 weeks prior. The trail follows the Creek, which was flowing & from my understanding is usually dry. The feeder box near Thicket springs looks like it still maybe used. Once we approached where the corral was to be if we had not looked closely we could of hiked right on by, as it was covered in Cat claw.N33 27’16” W111 05’13” Once we got up on the North bench it was a much better standing corral than the one in Rock Creek. Actually this may be used at times also. There was evidence of cows everywhere but saw none, so made drinking out of the creek much nicer experience. We camped not far from here by a lovely pinyon pine tree.

tarp tent worked well, won from AZT meeting, used twice & both times worked fine.

Almost full moon, 3-19 would be the closest moon to earth in over 19 yrs.

Day hiked on St Patty’s day, took most of the day to hike to the ridge looking down on Oak Flats, & back, which was a great feeling, we made our destination. This was not easy going on portions of the trail as it was so over grown. Our legs looked no different than they did on Rock Creek, chewed up from the brutal thorns, we joked about having a blood transfusion when we get home. Lots of scrub oak, Sycamore, & sharp Mt Laurel, even though a warm day, nice breeze that made it doable. Only wildlife was a Horney Toad, & tracks. Trip back was a breeze as we knew where we were going & mostly down hill.

Green Bandana compliments from Colleen, Green Rice Crispy Treats compliments from Judy & Irish whiskey awaited us. Tried a new tea out from Stash called Chai Spice Black Tea, very good.

Nice sand pit fire (my favorite), running creek near.

Colleen slept cool, but determined she needed a new sleeping bag, as she washes it frequently & thinks the loft was warn out.

3-18 started hiking by 8:30 as we wanted to check out Horrell Trailhead on rd 306 called trail 213 which is now abandoned. The sign at the junction says 1/2 mile, this is incorrect. We parked our jeep at this point, & walked another 1/2 mile & from my GPS it still was another 1mile down the rd before hitting the trailhead. This will be a future hike most likely going in from Upper Horrell Trailhead.

Made better time going out, & had lunch at Jade Grill Asian BBQ. AZT Meeting had them cater & was very good.

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