Frog Tank Superstition Wilderness

Judy writes “This will be short, Yea! the last hike I needed to do to finish all the trails on my Superstition Map. 4-14,15,16 2011. We started at the same time as the Az Backpackers were going in to Reavis Ranch, met Lucky.

I belong to the group but have never hiked with them, so will put that on my to do list.
Weather was beautiful, lots of Chia, poppy’s, & other wildflowers. Found a great place to camp near Frog Tank Spring. 4-15 day hiked approx 10 miles near Angel Basin, we were fortunate as much of the time this creek is dry, but we had plenty of water. We took pictures of a bear print & had it verified with Cousin Bob with AGF. We took video of one of the largest rattlesnakes we have come across. We tried to give him lot of leeway but he was very curious what we were doing. We had a nice lunch break as we soaked our feet & took pictures of again one of the largest type cactus in the area. The trail was not as bad as my book described, but possible someone had come in and cleared a portion of the catclaw out of the way. We checked out an Indian Ruin which was not much left. We have been experimenting with tarps the last few backpack trips, this has worked out well, but also we didnot have rain or wind. The trip going out was easy as mostly down hill. Lunch to celebrate at Tortilla Flats.

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