Havasupai & Grand Canyon Backpac trip

This is to add to connie trip to Havasupai Canyon.


5 of us went on to the campground that was Dana Phillips (hdmama) Glenda Cope(happycheeks),  Colleen Hunt(wineO), Dr Connie Ayres(Cierrz) and I Judy. I will not go into much detail since she has already. But here are some adl facts that maybe helpful. Seligman Hotel – Canyon Lodge 928 4223255, two men from Germany own the place and was very accommodating they let us use there freezer for our ice packs for the cooler. Each room is decorated differently such as John Wayne, Marilyn Monroe etc, it follows the theme of highway 66 as Seligman had that highway 66 theme going on in each of the yards.

Havasupai tourist enterprise 928 448 2141 or 2237. $35 entry fee $5 environmental fee $17 for each night of camping plus tax. if you wanted to rent a horse it was a $187 round trip, forIMG_0837 DSCN4764 11083842_10202868064017134_9100842308033843367_nIMG_1322

,130lb 92448 2121.

Sinyella Cafe is the first cafe you come to that was very good. It had picnic tables outside in the shade, plus a store behind the building. It had cold drinks and a nice selection of goods, very family friendly. They have approx 6 solar outhouses now at the campgrounds that was a huge improvement. Also just before entering into the camping area Havasupai Indians was selling Indian fry bread, oh yum!

Elevation at the village is 3250 and the Hilltop i s 5200.


Once we hiked out of Havasu, 3 of us Dana (HD Momma), Dr Connie Ayres(  Cierrz) & I drove over to GC Yavapai Lodge to spend the night.

IMG_0931 The next 5 days was organized by Ken (Hazelnut) with the Arizona Backpacking Club (abc)   this could of not worked out better. Neithe Cierrz or Dana had been in the canyon before. We met up with Ken, Zac, Nova, Xd on the Kaibab trail, our 1st and last night was at Bright Angel campground, day 2& 3 was at Cottonwood campground. None of them had bp the canyon before either, so they went & did a day hike to N. Rim.IMG_1005IMG_0956

I investigate Roaring Springs, 2 side canyons. The pump house seems so empty since the Ackerman’s left, I missed the lemon aid stand. Ken did do some fishing & caught a trout, released. Our trip back to Bright Angel was great as we did 2 side trips, 1 to Upper Ribbon Falls, then to Lower Ribbon Falls.IMG_1050  IMG_1035IMG_1025IMG_1119

Our hike out took about 5 hours, which was some of the most beautiful Red Bud Trees I have ever seen.  Perfect trip in the canyon once again, I’m so blessed I live so close to 1 of the seven wonders of the world!

Things to know:

1.Phantom Ranch Cantina closes at 4p so they can prepare for dinner, opens up again at 8p.m. They have candy, apples if any left over from snacks, peanuts, tea, pop, bagels, beer & wine. They will make up lunch bags to go, order if possible day before, cost is $13.50. I felt well worth it.

2. Water not turned on at Cottonwood Camp ground till May, so bring your own water purifiers.

3. I got bit up on expose area of feet by no seeums. They stayed with welts for about a week. (even in March)

4.Plant book of the area would be good as many bushes & cactus was in bloom.

Check out Dana facebook page on trail journal

HDMama’s 2015
Continental Divide Trail Journal

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