Mormon Lake Rendezvous AZT

9-26 through 9-28 2008 

We were able to get 8 of us together, for our 1st AZT Rendezvous. The AZT & volunteers did a great job of putting it all together. Chili, & dessert we all brought turned out well with entertainment from Madam Mattie Brown from Jerome, Az.

Introducing some of us that finished the trail. Sirena, which I had been keeping track of her hike was there with her family. Also meeting Dave Hicks, Tenzing a thru hiker, stewards that were so helpful when we were planning our trip this spring.

Sat was breakfast again furnished by the AZT Asst, a bird walk, exhibit from the Adobe Wildlife Exhibit, a hike to Navajo Springs & Terry Woolston  “Tenzing” put on a lightweight backpacking class. He & Kyle finished the AZT 2 weeks before us at a much faster pace than we even dreamed of, like we said many times “ doing the AZT the leisurely way!” Supper furnished by Mormon Lake. (Which I have to say they did a super job) & entertainment by Gail Starr. Finally after all these years was able to meet Dale Shelwalter, looks just like his pictures & a few more hikers that came in.

The weather was perfect, hundreds of elk out in the dry lake, bugling most of the night, what a way to go to sleep!

Sunday morning was a leisurely one, had coffee & returned home by noon.

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