AZT Pass 16-17

AZT Passages 16-17, In 2008, we hiked through these passages. At that time the trail was marked intermittently with many ribbons and cairns going in different directions. Some were surely put there as a potential trail to follow but as we tried we encountered miles of bush whacking through mesquite trees, thorny bushes and cat claw and found ourselves further away from our waypoint. We did find our way but with much distress. But not this time! Thank you


January 5th, 2015 First hike of the year is always amazing in the Superstitions. Started hiking the Peralta Trail to Freemont Saddle around 10. The terrain is always rocky but that is what gives the Superstitions so much character. Along the trail we met Mike, a volunteer, trimming the bushes along the path. Later, at the Saddle he showed up again just in time to show us how to get to Geronimo's Cave. It's about 1 mile from the


11-07-2014 Spent the day with all the girls in Jerome. Could not have asked for better weather. Parking at the edge of town proved to work out well no matter where we walked. Bloody Marys are excellent at the Spirit Room. We all gave a cheer to Colleen who was going to the Jerome Tattoo for a little smiley face. Had lunch at the Haunted Hamburger Restaurant. It was a little strange how the sandwiches are served but were

Julian, California

October 31, 2014 Happy Birthday David! This was a terrific idea to celebrate in Julian, CA. Drove up on Halloween with beautiful weather. By the time we reached Julian it was  quite nice but cooler. Bought our famous Julian Apple Pie and headed to the cabin we rented along with Nancy & David called Artist Loft on Strawberry Hill owned by Chuck and Nan. They experienced the fire that went through there a few years back so their house and

Coffee Flats & Red Tank Superstitions Mt- snow storm‏

temps 28 to 70’s, nancy vail, june storment, judy eidson, 2-19- to 2-21 2013 Not a long hike, but a beautiful one. Knowing there was a storm coming in what a better place to go but the sups.   There won’t be a lot of detail on the is hike as pic’s are louder than words in this case. Beautiful wet snow on the saguaros, hummingbird holding on to her nest for dear life. Fun  making snowman,

Tahoe Rim Trail “TRT”

  HIKING THE TAHOE RIM TRAIL “TRT” 8-23-14 One and half day drive from Phoenix to South Lake Tahoe, temperature perfect - 40’ to 80’, no rain. Forest extremely dry, whole area in drought, bears coming into communities for food, bear hunting permit signs on trail. On Eastern part of TRT had two dry camps. We cached water but still needed to carry 108 oz. H2O each in parts. Nancy developed a blister on both feet the first day. Waterproof band aids were life saver. They

AZT Passage 22, Sunflower

March 22, 2014  We hiked a really beautiful 11.5 miles hike today through the Sunflower, Passage 22 of the AZT. Parked at the Bushnel Tanks sign and found the access trail leading to the main trail.  This was new and really was great to be able to get to the AZT so easily.  We haven't hiked this area in such a long time. Brought back some really wonderful memories of hiking the AZT in 2008.  There was 3 places to get water if

Pine River Trail (Los Pinos River) to CDT to Chicago Basin

Pine River Trailhead (Los Pinos River) to CDT to Ute Lake over to Rock Lake to Vallecito Trail to Chicago Basin 9-3-12 to 9-15-12 Dwayne Freeman trail name “Shannon-Lewis & Clark” Sister judy eidson Temps 25 to 80’s, 75 to 80 miles total,pack weight  30lbs total! My first long trip with no supplies for 2 weeks. Even when I did the Arizona t beat that! The journey begins!! 9-2 Stayed at Blue Spruce RV & Park, cabin # 8 twin beds $100 total.

Desert Tortoise Trail

March 14, 2014    Had a hard time finding this one.  It is in the Fireside Community north of Jomax Rd. and 19th Ave. If you get lost ask someone where the community center is.  The hike in the Sonoran Preserve is always amazing. Hedgehog, Ocotillo and Cholla are beginning to show their beautiful colors! We hiked the Desert Tortoise Trail for the most

Sonoran Desert Preserve

March 10, 2013 November 2013  the Sonoran Desert Preserve hiking system was opened for public use.  We have gone on a few of the trail and it is absolutely beautiful! Today we started at the Apache Wash TH located about 5 miles east of I17 on Dove Valley Rd.  The Trail Head has wonderful amenities and the trails are very clean.  This is great for anyone who just wants to wonder through the desert.  Right now the cactus are beginning