White Tanks Mountain, Arizona

February 8, 2014 Today we blindly were lead on a very strenuous and wonderful hike in the White Tank Park area. west of Phoenix. Normally you would hike the trails but not us. We started at the Waddell TH, N33 35. 550 W112 30. 642 and then up a river bed to the Mesquite Trail, N33 35. 471 W112 31. 400. We went over boulders, in some places were almost impossible for my short legs to stretch. It was only 1.5 miles but took 2.5 hours to

Looking for more Trailheads

    11-16-2013          Today we took Mom Maybelle on a 4 hour tour that lasted 13 hours. We started looking for the Black Canyon Trail TH's further north of Phoenix and was doing great till we got north of Bumble Bee and thought we could go by dirt road to Bloody Basin.  We did find Cleator but then lost my sense of direction to find the way point on Bloody Basin Rd. Must have been east. We ended up in Crown King thinking

Black Canyon Trail, Emery Henderson TH

October-November 2013 Ronnie & I discovered E. Henderson TH on New River Rd. just west of I17.  The trail that leaves here is the Black Canyon Trail.  With some memory searching we remembered that this was the same name of the trail we had hiked last year in 2012 starting in Black Canyon City area. Only having a couple hours we hiked north and south from Henderson TH. Not much to see from here other than several places people have dumped trash and target

John Muir Trail

John Muir Trail August 13th 2013 to September 5th 2013 June Storment, Judy Eidson, Connie Simmons, Nancy Vail (which had to bail the day before the trip) [caption id=attachment_1192 align=alignnone width=300] John Muir Trail[/caption] We plan and replanned for this trip, it was all worth the time, as the hike went as planned. It took 10 hrs to drive from Phoenix to Mammoth Lakes, Ca - 600 miles. Lenny Krantz a friend that shuttle our jeep down to Whitney Portal gave us

Peralta Master Map/ Largest Saguaro in AZ

Peralta Master Map/ Largest Saguaro in AZ Nancy, Jane & Judy  19 miles loop 40's to 70's We were to do Dogie & Sycamore Canyon but do to the cold front that was bringing in snow, wind & rain we changed our plans to Superstitions. Jane came down from Flagstaff, we had never met but knew a mutual friend & had conversations over the phone. Since she was tired of the cold & wind this was ideal for her. Jane was trying

Get “Grand Enchantment Trail” Segment 5

Judy writes  (Get) Grand Enchantment Trail Segment 5   3-20 to 3-22 2012 I'm always amazed how thorough Brett Blisterfree, the founder is on his maps, water doc's & website. There were 4 of us that started out on this segment. Connie Simmons & I had gone thru this passage when we did the AZT 2008 but there was a small portion from Beehive Well south to AZ77 where the Get splits off that we needed to do. Ronnie Simmons & June

Squaw Canyon, Superstition Wilderness 2-2012

June, Connie, Judy backpacked Once again out to investigate another canyon in the wilderness. 46 degrees perfect hiking weather. & decided to go in from Canyon Lake Trail head as it would be less crowded. I had not been in from this direction for years so it was time. We always went down La Barge Creek in the past, but do to the trail being so well define on trail #103 Boulder Canyon Trail we decided to take this route.

Superstitions, Boulder Canyon

12-27-2011, Superstitions, Boulder Canyon       We were out to find the perfect “Backpacker 101” trail to accommodate all the people who had never backpacked and wanted to try.  Setting off down the Dutchman Trail #104 and taking the Boulder Canyon Trail #103 to where the Needles Canyon intersected was perfect!  Just long enough at about 6 miles long, just strenuous enough to make your ankles ache going over boulders and way too beautiful with Weaver’s Needle in the horizon.  The