Pinto Creek Trail 213

Judy writes We are down to the last 2 hikes to do on the Superstition wilderness map. This is a abandon trail now (Trail 213 Pinto Creek towards Horrell), we had the option to come into the trail 2 different ways. Because we had been on this road for Cuff Button we decided to come back this way again & it was closer to where we lived. Now we needed to get on rd 306 and drive acouple miles farther,

Grand Teton

A year to plan for this trip, Connie, Colleen, June, Nancy & Judy was ready to get out of the Phoenix summer heat. Meeting up with Judy's brother Dwayne & his Explorers group with the Scouts, I believe there was 12 of them.   Preplan work. Sent in permit JAN, $25,  (they keep 2/3 of permits for walk ins) If less than 7 people you have to have a bear canister,(free) large groups 7 -12 have bear vaults so don’t need to

Frog Tank Superstition Wilderness

Judy writes This will be short, Yea! the last hike I needed to do to finish all the trails on my Superstition Map. 4-14,15,16 2011. We started at the same time as the Az Backpackers were going in to Reavis Ranch, met Lucky. I belong to the group but have never hiked with them, so will put that on my to do list. Weather was beautiful, lots of Chia, poppy's, & other wildflowers. Found a great place to camp near Frog Tank

Rock Creek Eastern Superstions

Judy writes Rock Creek, Eastern Superstitions Down to 3 left to do in the Superstitions, Yea!! Nancy, Colleen, Judy & June was dropped off on road 650 by husband - Possum. It started off knowing it was only a rock cairn at the trailhead due to the trail had been abandon many years prior. But due to it been on my original map that I was going by to finish the trails in the Superstitions I had to do it. As

Cuff Button, Eastern Superstition Mts

Cuff Button, Eastern Superstition Mts, after this backpack 2 left to do in the Superstitions 3-16, 17, 18 2011 temps 40's to 80's Colleen Hunt & Judy Eidson Colleen drove her jeep less than 100 miles from her house. Pin stripping to get to the trailhead, a bit nerve racking for Colleen, needed 4 wheel in spots, much of the road is in the creek bed, overgrown cat claw & thick sand.  We drove about 1/4 mile past the Cuff Button sign before

Siphon Draw to Flat Iron

Judy writes Siphon Draw to Flat Iron 1-24-2011 Colleen Hunt, June Storment & Judy Eidson Counting down on the last few hikes left to do in the Superstitions. Not sure why I left this for last , other than I focus normally on backpack trips, & at the time thanking the good lord that I did not have a pack on this trip. It was a beautiful day, with rabbits, birds singing. We entered in at Lost Dutchman State Park, but

Superstitions Whiskey Springs, Charliebois, Bluff Springs Loop

Judy writes Peralta Trail Loop, Whiskey Springs, LaBarge, Charliebois, Bluff Springs Nancy, Connie, June & Judy backpacked 1-15 to17 2011 21 miles backpack, 40 to 70 degrees 1 ½ hr from N. Pnx, 169 miles Water started to show up near Whiskey Springs, we planned on camping near LaBarge Springs, but to many people so we continued until Oak Springs. 10 miles of course, rocky terrain, but we were glad we continued on as we had a private campsite with good water. Two

Weminuche Wilderness, Chicago Basin, Colorado

Weminuche Wilderness, Chicago Basin, Colorado Colleen, Connie, Judy, June & Nancy Things to remember for next time:  There are no fires allowed in the Chicago Basin or surroundings.  We each carried a large can of propane and only had ½ can left when we came out.  Altitude and coolness makes a difference.  9-11-2010:  It was an 8 hour drive (with gas stops) from Phoenix to Durango.  Wanted to stop at the 4 Corners but the Reservation was charging $3 per person

G.E.T.- Grand Enchantment Trail, Seg. 10

G.E.T.- Grand Enchantment Trail, Seg. 10, July 18th-23rd, 2010 Connie, Judy and Sirena did this hike from July 18-21-2010.  The Grand Enchantment Trail really lived up to its name on this one!  We haven’t had such an exciting backpacking trip in a long time!  7-18-2010:  The shuttling for this trip was quite confusing trying to meet up with Steve from Bonita, AZ, getting our vehicles in place on each side of the Penalinos Mountain and then to the top before dark. 

update hikes for July, Aug, Sept, Oct 2010

Judy writes July 18, thru 7-22 2010 Backpack- Hiking Grand Enchantment Trail, Seg 10 Aug 7 (week of) checking out Silverton, Co for CDT, some hiking, atv'ing Sept 12 thru 9-17 Durango Train, Co Backpack, being dropped off at Needles & hiking to Chicago Basin, scouting out the area Oct 10 thru 10-14 Backpack Grand View Trail in the Grand Canyon Signing up with it's free, e mail me