Pinto Creek Trail 213

Judy writes “We are down to the last 2 hikes to do on the Superstition wilderness map. This is a abandon trail now (Trail 213 Pinto Creek towards Horrell), we had the option to come into the trail 2 different ways.

Because we had been on this road for Cuff Button we decided to come back this way again & it was closer to where we lived. Now we needed to get on rd 306 and drive acouple miles farther, the rd was no different the 1st half, rocky & catclaw to dodge. We carcamped at the beginning of our trailhead and did a day hike to Campaign Creek where you meet up with trail 256, N33 31’54.3 W111 04’42.1. It was not a bad hike other than finding trail over and around Bear Springs but once up on the ridge we were able to fine rock cairns. Wild flowers & hedgehogs were in full bloom. Mt Spring had old artifacs laying around making it a kodak moment, the pipe was broken & no water in the area that we found. We had lunch at Campaign Creek that was flowing well & stopped off at Morman Corral Spring that fills into a large tank, toads were jumping in & out with a cheerful croak. Beacause of carcamping supper were steaks complements of Colleen. This was April hike so weater was perfect.

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