Siphon Draw to Flat Iron

Judy writes

Siphon Draw to Flat Iron 1-24-2011

Colleen Hunt, June Storment & Judy Eidson

Counting down on the last few hikes left to do in the Superstitions. Not sure why I left this for last , other than I focus normally on backpack trips, & at the time thanking the good lord that I did not have a pack on this trip. It was a beautiful day, with rabbits, birds singing. We entered in at Lost Dutchman State Park, but next time will go in from Mc Kellips St. A fairly easy hike up to the slick rock where we started to see more people, as they must of started at dawn, no water at the waterfall but I could see it would be beautiful if you could time it right. Once we got to the saddle we now could see where the DRAW comes in at, a very steep, rocky ravine, the Flat Iron looked so far away. There was really only one obstacle & was lucky to have 3 people coming down & gave us a boost up. Once we got to the top it was a piece of cake, beautiful dessert up there with every thing so green & healthy looking. We had lunch on the tip of Flat Iron with the birthday boy Ben, he had told us that he & a friend had to be rescued last yr when they did the death march across the top. He was fine but got lost on a wrong trail & took them much longer so had to spend the night. His wife did what all good responsible people do & called sheriff as he did not come home. He had met Colleen coming in as she was turning around. She had a ankle fused earlier in the year, & had done this trip many times before so her map was already highlighted. We had a nice visit, lunch, break & was ready to head down.

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