Sonoran Desert Preserve

March 10, 2013 November 2013  the Sonoran Desert Preserve hiking system was opened for public use.  We have gone on a few of the trail and it is absolutely beautiful! Today we started at the Apache Wash TH located about 5 miles east of I17 on Dove Valley Rd.  The Trail Head has wonderful amenities and the trails are very clean.  This is great for anyone who just wants to wonder through the desert.  Right now the cactus are beginning to blossom and within 2 weeks should be amazing.  We took the Apache Wash to Ridgeback to Sidewinder and back to Trailhead.  It was 4.32 miles.

A few weeks ago we hiked from Carefree Hwy and 7th St. on the Sidewinder Trl.  to the Ocotillo Trl and back to Carefree Hwy.  That was about 5 miles long.

This is a really super nice area to relax and enjoy the Sonoran Desert.

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