Squaw Canyon, Superstition Wilderness 2-2012

Squaw Canyon Superstitions 2-2012
June, Connie, Judy backpacked Once again out to investigate another canyon in the wilderness. 46 degrees perfect hiking weather. & decided to go in from Canyon Lake Trail head as it would be less crowded. I had not been in from this direction for years so it was time.

We always went down La Barge Creek in the past, but do to the trail being so well define on trail #103 Boulder Canyon Trail we decided to take this route. A long exposed trail up & over the mountain so was glad to get to the creek with brush & some shade. The scenery is always breath taking with Weavers in the distance & Battleship Mt.  We stopped off at Indian Paint Mine to take a few pictures & continued on. Water was running nice & clear at 2nd water, but Boulder Creek was dry, it had snowed the week before so was a bit surprised not to see the creek running  in places only pot holes had mossy water. But you could see the land was enjoying the bit of moisture, the poppies, sqoripine weed, vetch, even the lupine were starting to bloom. I love this area with all the boulders, shadows & vegetation & less people do to them not liking rock hopping. We made camp below the Malapais Mt for 2 nights as this was the place we were going to investigate. How wonderful the shadows were in the evening as it looked bright yellow, we had a glimpse of Weavers from camp, pots of water up canyon. The first evening were down in the low 40’s but by the 3rd day we had ice on the water bottles, but quickly warmed up. Squaw Canyon was interesting as it’s the back side getting up to Peters Mesa. Found the trail up the canyon the following day which took a large part of it. We only came across 4 backpackers in the 2 days that we had camped. All so very interesting & none from AZ. Squishy “Mike” from Alaska, Carl from San Diego, which had extreme amount of knowledge of the Sierra’s so will be helpful when we take a week or more this summer out to Calif & a father & son from Maine & Mass, they were here to do a week trip to scout out the area. This was a 20 mile week end, & was not ready to go back as there is so much to scout out. We ended our trip at Canyon Lake bar & grill.

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