Superstition Hike from 1st Water –2nd Water, Boulder Trail

Superstition Hike from 1st Water –2nd Water, Boulder Trail, Calvary Trail, Marsh Valley to Dutchman back to 1st Water 2-28, 29, 2009 58 degree’s to 91 degrees, 16 miles, Nancy, Connie & Judy  Warm day at 6:30a.m. was 58degree’s, took much longer to get thru Phoenix even though it was a Sat due to freeway closed down in 2 different areas.A great day when we started with seeing puddles & then creeks with flowing water, as it’s always a big concern in Az.

Our route started at 1st water, then through the very green lush Garden Valley Trail, then of course got rocky & bouldery as we approached Boulder Creek & the Calvary Trail. It was a good work out for Connie’s new repaired knee. Would like to camp in this area sometime as water was really flowing much more than normal but always seem to soon to stop, maybe going in on a afternoon sometime to get settled, then next day scout out the area to the south. We did have lunch here, as it was beautiful but not many wildflowers or shade, but the water flowing was mesmerizing. We hiked out the short but steep hill of the Calvary Trail to MarshValley which Nancy was more that happy to see. It was 8.1 miles found a really nice campsite about ½ mile from Dutchman Trail; it took 6 hrs to do the hike. A nice way to do the Superstitions & enjoy it. Beautiful evening, creek at ear distance, nice fire, & sliver of a moon with Venus bright as ever!We didn’t bring a rain fly or a footprint & worked out well. We did have 2 young boys hike thru looking completely exhausted as we chatted thru our airing out laundry! 3-1-09 Warm a.m., because we only had 1 night to enjoy camp we decided to spend it there till about 11a.m.before heading back to the truck. So we brought projects & enjoyed the morning. Hiking out on the Dutchman Trail means going over Bull Pass, (it always brings back memories of my 1st hike into the Superstitions with hubby). We passed some horseback riders on the top that took a short cut to the south to Black Mesa that I would like to do sometime. We made it back to the truck in 5 hrs a warm day of 91 degrees, but thank goodness a cold beer with chips was waiting for us! This would be a good hike to take walking sticks & even an umbrella. Judy

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