Superstition Mt, Bluff Trail head loop

Judy writes 2-24 thru 2-26-2010 Peralta Trailhead to Bluff Springs 235, Terrapin Pass 234, Weavers Cross Cut, Red Tanks, Whiskey Springs over to the Lost Dutchman Trail back to Peralta Trailhead

June Storment, & Judy Eidson did a 2 night 3 day trip

Temp’s 60’s day, 30’s night

No tent, just the rain fly & footprint, June left her backpack top at home, & pillow to try to lighten her weight. Good idea!

Great hiking weather, lots of water, trails were creeks, many rocks had surfaced from the flooding prior made hiking a bit slower. We were not out for high mileage, so that made it enjoyable. East side of Weavers needle was mesmerizing. I have only 3 more trails to do to finish every trail in the Superstitions, (if I wouldn’t keep doing the same trails I would have been done yrs ago) than I can hire someone to take me to the top of Weavers for the night.

We came across Geronimo Cave path will save that trip for another time, & 2 paths that would go up to the east side of Weavers Needle before camping at one of Al Morrows camps, one of many treasurer hunters but one that never carried a gun. (book Famous Lost Gold Mines of AZ Superstition Mt; he died in 1970 cave in.) Nice camp with lots of water & fire ring already there. June got to try out her new REI prim loft jacket that seemed to keep her warm enough. The night was pleasant & stayed warm without the tent. Mr Skunk came to visit, & Mr Hootie the owl did his calling thru the night although due to the creek sounds only heard it once in awhile.

2-24-10 Started off at 9:30a leisurely a.m.but made for a longer day, which was not expected, but when we approached Charlebois Boy Spring the creek was a river. We had lunch here & looked for the petrographs, which once again I never found. June had fairly new boots & chooses not to get them wait for the 1st 8 crossings so putting our croc’s on each time was very time consuming! Thank goodness a decision was made “new experience for her” get the boots wets! We are very spoiled living in Az not having to deal with being wet, only from sweat! I did my usual which always works for me, I do not have gortex boots, I just put baggies over my socks then put them in the boots, & I keep warm & hike just fine. We had a beautiful day elev approx 2700 ft. & came across many nice camp spots- La Barge, Bluff Springs intersections, Music Canyon but we made camp at Trap Canyon. I’ve always heard that was called Kitty Canyon, probably for good reason.  Again very beautiful, but no shade if you needed it, lots of water this time & our scenery was of Herman Mt named after Hermann Petrash, again a miner.  Mr Skunk came to visit but only his presents of smell & no spraying.

2-25-10 Much easier day & twice the mileage only crossed the creek 12 x’s but not up to the calf as the previous day, so could rock hop. Lupine & poppies were near Peralta Trailhead, got home early to celebrate my husband’s retirement. Great 3 days!”

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