Superstitions, Boulder Canyon

12-27-2011, Superstitions, Boulder Canyon


    We were out to find the perfect “Backpacker 101” trail to accommodate all the people who had never backpacked and wanted to try.  Setting off down the Dutchman Trail #104 and taking the Boulder Canyon Trail #103 to where the Needles Canyon intersected was perfect!  Just long enough at about 6 miles long, just strenuous enough to make your ankles ache going over boulders and way too beautiful with Weaver’s Needle in the horizon.  The creeks were full of water with minor waterfalls everywhere that tickled the ears and stimulated the curiosity to want to see more.  Our campsite was perfect.  Lots of wood and water and level locations to put up several tents.  Not much wildlife but found several species of footprints while hiking down Needles Canyon.  The hike down Needles Canyon to Bull Pen Trail was only about 3 miles but took several hours as there was no trail and cris-crossing the creek took up time.  At waypoint 33.27. 59.1, we found a small campfire ring that someone had left a beautiful “Fire King” milky green glass coffee cup.  Hadn’t seen one of those in years!  Perfect condition.  Why someone would bring a glass coffee cup back here is beyond me.  Total hike was 4.4 miles back to camp and took us 5 hours.  There were several places to watch where the canyon split.  I think all went to the right. 


    Judy only took her homemade backpacking quilt and put on most of her clothes but with the temp. at night hovering the low 30’s it became necessary to put on an emergency blanket and silk liner.  Second night was better with a tent.


12-29-2011, played around all morning practicing knots and using bird tweeter to bring in the almost non-existent birds.  Only one came close.

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