Superstitions Whiskey Springs, Charliebois, Bluff Springs Loop

Judy writes

Peralta Trail Loop, Whiskey Springs, LaBarge, Charliebois, Bluff Springs

Nancy, Connie, June & Judy backpacked 1-15 to17 2011

21 miles backpack, 40 to 70 degrees

1 ½ hr from N. Pnx, 169 miles

Water started to show up near Whiskey Springs, we planned on camping near LaBarge Springs, but to many people so we continued until Oak Springs. 10 miles of course, rocky terrain, but we were glad we continued on as we had a private campsite with good water. Two days from a full moon, so it was like the lights were on all night. Once again, did not fine the petroglyphs near Peters Mesa & Charliebois. Sirena was doing this part of the G.E.T. when a day hiker came through & showed her where they were at, obviously I did not get good enough info as lonely saguaro cactus & cross section did not show up any pet’s. So a good reason to go back again, as I never get tired of the Superstitions. We had a nice fire, owls hooting a Mr Skunk visit us through the night, other than that no wildlife other than the many birds that sang to us. I brought a happy hour snack called Tasty Bite-Punjab Eggplant with chips that was good, June & Nancy dessert, & Connie Laughing Cow cheese & crackers, so we were all happy! The next day was a 7 miles trip out through Bluff Springs. We stopped off for a fill up before continuing on to Peralta Trailhead. Someday would like to visit Williams Camp in the area.

Great trip, but no trip into the Superstition Wilderness is complete without the jumping cholla making a mark on 1 or 2 of us. More people than normal, maybe do to MLK Holiday.

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