Fossil Creek

Fossil Springs

temps ranging from 70’s to 40’s, 2 hr drive from Phoenix, Colleen Hunt, Glenda Cope, Judy Eidson

Thinking we were leaving on Monday through Wed we would have the upper canyon to ourselves, wrong. Looks like college is still having spring break but no backpackers till we came out. It is 4 miles to the spring, but you can do adl 11 miles to go to the south & picked up there which maybe a good idea for future hikes. There are signs everywhere how many people they rescue each year including no fires. Does anyone read these signs?DSCN1403One of the 1st things we encounter as we hike down from 5100 ft are 3 young 14 yrs to 20’s year olds carry 1 gal jug of water for the 3 of them, no hat, sunscreen,food, sandles/sneakers & smoking pot. Long story short time they got to 3800 ft they were ready to go back up as they were sunburned, tired & getting late. So we helped them out with water purification tablets & sunscreen. We found a beautiful site not far from the spring,098-DSCN1385 101-DSCN1389 the temp of water is around 70 degree’s year round so perfect! The next morning early was a animal scratching at both Colleen & Glenda’s head. Whoops left food in the tent vs hanging it, that did not happen again for the next night. We did a day hike to the dam, old homestead what a nice surprise, the pictures can tell the story.

058-DSCN1325 048-DSCN1311 050-DSCN1313 042-DSCN1303 089-DSCN1376038-DSCN1295

The blackberry bushes are very overgrown so this should be a great year for the berry pickers! As we continued our hike on the Flume Road we past some day hikers we met earlier in the day that had a fire going, even though there is signs everywhere including right where they were –no fires. Colleen politely informed them that there was high wind advisories out, no fires & that there were forest serve people out. They said they would put it out??  The scenery looking down on the creek was breath taking.


After a exerting dayhike “NOT”, we had lunch by the creek & enjoyed ripples of the water, smells & the lush watercress that surrounded us. Its so seldom we get to hear or be by flowing water, what a treat!


We continued on to the trail that leads to the other side of the springs, it is just as beautiful! Lovely campsites there also but for some reason I have then & in the past going only so far & turn around so I do not know where or how far that trail leads.

092-DSCN1379 091-DSCN1378 089-DSCN1376Colleen is at the far end of this picture, she thought it was a better advantage view point! The day & night only got better as we had trail ale, snacks & a full moon to look forward too! 019-DSCN1256The full moon brought out our little creature that was sniffing at our tent the night before Peppe le pew! He was in for a surprise as the food was hanging high in a tree! 103-DSCN1395 104-DSCN1398

The trip out was more people taking hikes in including the sheriff, & search n rescue, hopefully it was not for our friends the 1st day but they mentioned clean up. We stopped going in to Fossil Creek Creamery Goat & Llama Farm, so we also stopped going out to pick up some of there wonderful soap, fudge,& lotion.  I do believe that is the 1st time I’ve ever seen a baby goat born, how wonderful that was! Momma did a great job & the baby was up & walking  & us holding them in  007-DSCN1229119-DSCN1427

minutes! A great trip by all!