Cabin to Cabin Loop, Mogollon Rim, AZ

June 1, 2020 perfect time to get out of Phoenix & head to cooler country. Temps ranged from 50’s to 80’s but UV rays were 10! We backpacked to 5 cabins, Pinchot, Danes, Buck Springs, Aspen Springs cabin & Fred Haught (which really is just a stone fireplace, still picturistic) We did this in 4 days, 3 nights, making it enjoyable days to scout around. We started from Fred Haught TH   ( see directions below)

Right near the TH was Pinchot Cabin ( Gifford Pinchot father of U.S. Forest Service) & still being used in emergencies.

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FR 95 blow out on the Fred Haught trail

U-Bar trail # 28 is approx. 6 miles to Danes Cabin. I consided trail moderate with a nice spring 1/2 way for a rest break & site for 2 tents.
Once you get to Danes Cabin there is a nice spring coming out of a pipe & large camping spots in the area.
Buck Springs cabin still is being used by forest service & firefighters, 3 mile round trip off of Barbershop trail. Barbershop was named after a long ago sheepherder that use to cut cowboys hair. 🙂 This trail seemed to be a bit more challenging just because it has more ups & downs. Coyote Spring is the best place to filter water, but it could run dry in a dry season. Barbershop Spring you needed a cup to dip into.
Houston Brothers Trail # 171 (ranchers in the time) was delightful going north with the Maple, Manzanita, Aspen, Pine trees. Even had time to stop for a siesta break under beautiful Maple tree!

McFarland Spring had nice campsites along with the Aspen Springs cabin but I could see where that could be crowded at times, both springs were running nicely.
By going this route you will end up back at the Fred Haught TH #141 or #22 (depends on what sign you look at) where your vehicle will be parked. We stopped long enough to dump our garbage & get refreshments & head to Fred Haught stone fireplace approx. 3 miles farther. Beware where it shows blowout on map & many signs on rd 95 is really a blow out ! (see pics) We did it this way since we did not have a 2nd car to be dropped off at General Springs Cabin or a shuttle. It was perfect as it was a 6 mile day, no water between Pinchot & Haught spring. The spring that shows on map is Quien Sabe Spring which was just mud hole.
Day 4 was a leisure hike back to car except for the blow out & made it home before rush hour.
Directions for Fred Haught TH, coming in from highway 87 follow FR 95 approx. 11.15 miles to FR 139a for .1 mi, there is a sign there & small parking area. GO ACROSS THE ROAD NORTH you will see a cairn & then a trail sign.

All of the trails were marked with tree markings or cabin loop signs.

Pinchot cabin
Dane’s cabin
Dane’s Spring
saw 3 on our route
Aspen Springs Cabin