White Tanks Mountain, Arizona

February 8, 2014 Today we blindly were lead on a very strenuous and wonderful hike in the White Tank Park area. west of Phoenix. Normally you would hike the trails but not us. We started at the Waddell TH, N33 35. 550 W112 30. 642 and then up a river bed to the Mesquite Trail, N33 35. 471 W112 31. 400. We went over boulders, in some places were almost impossible for my short legs to stretch. It was only 1.5 miles but took 2.5 hours to do.  Other waypoints along the way: N33 35. 680 W112 30.766,   N33 35.680 W112 31.101,   N33 35.598 W112 31.342,  N33.35.468 W112 31.375

.2014 February White Tanks photo 2 photo 3 photo

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